Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

The need of integrated solutions that provide people with security and protection are of vital importance if we consider all the benefits derived from the installation of various security systems that efficiently control and systematically surveillance every place and application. Therefore, taking full advantage of what modern technology can nowadays offer is of definite and imperative need, aiming at maximizing the functionality and reinforcing security levels.

Our long experience and know-how in the field of electronic safety and security system, in combination with a constant update on and training in new technologies and changes, enable our company to design and offer the best integrated and comprehensive solutions regarding the safety of people.Systems installed at places that are geographically dispersed over multiple locations all over the world can be monitored from a central uniform system, simplifying thus their use, operation and control. By installing a central software system, you can have interrelated and interdependent systems that directly communicate with one another. The flexible architecture of the system and the powerful software constitute an ideal solution for all enterprises, industries, shopping malls, houses, military units, storage rooms, airports, supermarkets, conference centers, hotels and many more.

With the integration of all systems, central monitoring, can be achieved using a central monitoring system, securing thus every supervised place from every corner of the world. In case of an emergency, the system will immediately inform all the other interrelated systems which will all together take the right action depending on the predetermined settings.

Our customers can now be immediately and directly informed on matters related to the systems and their operations via voice mail, sms or e-mails by our competent personnel. So, stop worrying about the operation of your security system. Our highly developed and modern central monitoring station can remotely monitor and control your system by the means of tele-control, giving therefore direct and effective technical support saving time and money.

Our company’s security and protection consultants are always at your disposal for further information regarding our systems and suggest solutions that best suit your needs and requirements.

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